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Lucy's Friends strives to provide quality pet care at reasonable rates. We also believe in paying our Pet Sitters a fair living wage, and to provide you with more than just a body to walk your dog.







Current Rates are:
*All rates are for a 45 minute visit unless otherwise specified.

Regular Run:    $14.00
(7am till 10:30am/3:30pm & 11:30pm)

Lunch Run:    $12.25
(Between 11am and 3pm)

Daily Rate:    $40.00
(This provides three 45 minute trips a day. This saves you $2.00 when
compared to three single visits)

Overnight:    $45.00
11pm until 7am
(Limited Availability - this includes the PM visit, AM visit and overnight care)

Rescue Rate/
Independent Feral Cat Colony Caretaker
:    $12.25
available to all those active in the animal rescue community through fostering
and volunteering and those who care for ferals in our community)

Delivery Charge:    $2.00
(in case we need to make a special trip for supplies for your pet)

Fuel Charge: 40 per mile
**adjusts with gas prices**
(After the first five miles from our business to your house a 40 per mile charge
will be assessed per visit. This goes to the sitter caring for your pet to ease
their driving burden, and is not a charge Lucy's Friends keeps for profit.)

Still no additional holiday or last minute-booking charges!